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Extract Introduction.

What is Extract?

Introducing Cardano's first decentralised exchange for CNFTs, governed by Automated Market Makers.

We are using AMM algorithms to revolutionize how buying, liquidating and swapping NFTs works on Cardano. Users will be able to instantly sell, buy or swap from each collections liquidity pool.
The Mission:
Using Automated Market Makers, smart contracts and the Cardano Blockchain no one will ever have to wait for a sale in low liquid markets. Every user will be able to use Extract to access an instant sale within our AMM governed liquidity pools.
What can you do on Extract?
  • Sell instantly into a pool of ADA and NFTs.
  • Buy instantly from a pool of ADA and NFTs.
  • Place buy or sell limit orders on collections. Wait for the pool price to reach your desired price and instantly buy/sell.
  • Provide liquidity by depositing CNFTs + ADA. Your deposits are then made available for people to use in the pool, the liquidity provider (you) then earns a portion of fees collected from users using the pool.
  • Instantly swap your NFT with any other NFT in the pool deposited by liquidity providers, keep in mind all NFTs deposited should be floor NFTs. You are only able to swap NFTs from under the same policy ID.
  • Project teams/founders can setup their own pools with their own assets, allowing people to trade with the assets the project provides. This allows the project to then open up a new stream of income.
  • Sweep multiple NFTs in one transaction.