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The Mission.

What do we plan to achieve?
TCC Labs is the technology and software arm of the TCC ecosystem. The team built around TCC Labs plans to build software that will push the Cardano space forward. This means building new and/or improved technology that no one else is doing.
Building this kind of software also provides TCC with multiple revenue streams and solidifies us as a sustainable company in NFTs, which is not an easy thing to do. Relying on royalties and new collections in our opinion is a thing of the past, building products for the space to use on a daily basis is the right way to go.
While building out our product(s) we must prioritize utility kickbacks to the Genesis Collectors & VIP Pass collections. We will incorporate both collections in anything we build, making sure they are looked after and rewarded.
Below is a visualised diagram of the base business model. Keep note that each product has its own flywheel and strategy incorporated. But that is out of scope for this diagram.