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Utility Tying To TCC.

Why should you hold TCC NFTs?
Discounted fees.
When providing liquidity in the TCC liquidity pools, you will be granted LP tokens. These LP tokens are then used to measure a discount on fees paid to TCC Labs once you withdraw your rewards from any liquidity pool.
The way we have it structured is that 100% of fees from liquidity pools go to liquidity providers, but when they withdraw their rewards a fee must be paid to TCC Labs. Having these TCC LP tokens will minimize that fee.
The discount on fees that you pay is determined by the amount of LP tokens you have in your wallet. Think of TCC LP tokens as a loyalty program, the more loyalty LP tokens you have the higher your discount.
LP tokens are distributed based off the estimated value of your deposit into the liquidity pool. More value/NFTs = more LP tokens.
Increased revenue, liquidity and opportunity.
All TCC collections will also be available on Extract for people to access, bringing more liquidity and giving holders the choice to add liquidity to our TCC pools and earn fees themselves.
Extract will also provide TCC Labs with a solid stream of revenue other than royalties. This is essential for the survival of any project in the space. Using this revenue we will be able to expand our team and start developing more products and solutions in the Cardano space.