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TCC Labs products.
Project Extract.
Extract uses AMM governed liquidity pools that gives any Cardano blockchain user the access to instant liquidity for their CNFTs. As well as the ability to earn a portion of fees from their CNFTs as a liquidity provider. Fees are paid out in ADA.
Consumers of the product can instantly buy, sell and swap their CNFTs within each projects pool. If you are ever in a tight squeeze and need some instant ADA you can use Extract to liquidate your NFTs for the next play. Or if you see an NFT in the pool that you like, you can instantly swap it with your own if they both have the same policy ID. Limit orders can also be placed in each pool. This enables users to place buy limit orders at lower than floor price and have their trade executed once the pool price drops to that level. Users can also stagger their sells using limit orders at higher prices.
Contributors, also known as liquidity providers can offer their floor CNFTs + ADA as liquidity to each pool that corresponds with the projects CNFTs they are offering, they then earn a portion of the fees accrued from each transaction through their pool. Liquidity providers should always use floor NFTs when supplying liquidity because when they withdraw their NFTs, ADA and rewards they might be given a different floor NFT back. This is because the one they originally provided might have been bought or swapped by a consumer.
Project Extract is our first product. But it will not be our last.